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Hey this is pretty amazing – My own website.

During the years I have built a lot of websites, for my wife Sannie business, her books, friends sites etc.
but I never come around to my own. Perhaps, because the purpose never was quite clear.
– Why built a site, if there is no reason?

Now there is a reason and a brand new site.
– But I didn’t build it!
– Sannie did.

She has started a new business called “Lille Fisk” where she is going to use wordPress and
trying it out she build my website.

I think the result is awesome.

In the process we have been working close together, planning the graphic look, the different roles of the posts and the feeling of the site.

And it has been one long Tango dance and I was not always the leader.
Despite that we have worked together on a lot of projects in the last 15 years, this one has been difficult. Several times I have had the feeling, like the first six months I was learning to dance Tango
– It is not going to work out
– Why doesn’t she move like I intended?
– This is too difficult
– Why doesn’t my feet move like I think?
– I give up!

It is like Tango – Lead by showing your intension, and go whit the flow.

But now it’s here – The Tango dj AppleJack website – and I love it and you Sannie, thank you.

And the reason…. I think the title says it all.

I am hit, dazzled, spellbound – I’m hooked on Tango music and being a dj at Tango events.
It is really rewarding playing at praktica’s, Milonga’s and Galla’s – Tango events in all.
Filling a room with music and experience how the dancers take it in, and express it in there dance, how the feeling of the room get intense, how the dancers get happy or moved.

It’s about intuitive feeling the mood of the dancers and the atmosphere of the room and then trying to lay out a path for the dancers to follow.

And djing is just like dancing tango – Lead by showing your intension, and go whit the flow.

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