The core of a DJ’s magic

The core of a DJ’s magic

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Read this article i The New York Times the other night and I think it’s spot on:

“A real DJ. is part shaman, part tech wizard, part crowd psychologist, all artist.
Many people claim the title, but far fewer embody it.”

“Good DJ’s are extraordinary artists, and great DJ’s are transcendent magicians.
The art requires extensive musical knowledge. It demands technical know-how.
It tunes one into a psychologist and reader of moods in order to gauge the whims of a dance floor.
And it insists that you spend days, weeks and years learning how to mix flawlessly.

That is the core of a DJ’s magic. The ability to blend, to weave two songs together and seamlessly
connect them in a way that continues the narrative you’re spinning on this night.”

By Selwyn Seyfu Hinds Dec. 30, 2017