Hi, I’m Jacob aka Tango dj AppleJack. I started dancing tango with my wife, Sannie, in the early days of 2012 – and soon after developed a deep love for tango music. As most tango-aficionados I really love the music from the Golden Age, but I also seek inspiration in the tango music from the “old world” such as Poland, Russia, Turkey and even some from the Arab speaking world, produced and played in the 1910’s, 1920’s and 1930’s.

Along whit my love for music, I’ve always been a big fan of people-watching. Place me in a nice town square café, with a cup of tea (or eventually a glass of good rum) and I’ll be quite content to sit there for the rest of the day, looking at people walking by: Some holding hands, others looking sad or rushing to a meeting. I try to decode their body language and look for small signs of their mood.

It is the same kind of interest in people that I use when I’m reading the dance floor, doing my best to accommodate the music to the taste of the dancers, the atmosphere in the room and flow of the milonga. Like most other tango dj’s I play a lot of tango from the Golden Age but I find that the dynamics, excitement and intensity on the dance floor gets better when I mix in more modern music such as Tango Nuevo, Tango Electro and danceable Non Tango music. This blog is my way of sharing – the events where I play, my playlists and my thoughts about tango and tango music.

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Tango dj AppleJack  aka Jacob Burén is an it-professional by day, quite a handyman and a proud host at Æblegaarden B&B in the rural island of Langeland, Denmark.
Loves dark chocolate, a glass of good rum, the ocean and his (all too) grown up daughter.
Reads a lot of literature knows a bit about jazz and have once been a rock’ n roll roadie.

He is a passionate tango dancer and tango dj, with roots in the social tango environment of Sydfyn, Denmark, eager to travel near and far to dj at tango events.

Thank you for visiting my website – please use the contactform to send your regards or requests